• Fit Foodie Website
    Derval O'Rourke's Fit Foodie website promoting a healthy lifestyle.
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  • Fanzini Productions Website
    Logo, promo material and webdesign for Fanzini Productions
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  • Industrisalg AS Website
    Website and online product catalogue for Norwegian supplier of screws and fixing materials
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  • Body Therapy Website
    Logo, promo material and webdesign for Cork based Body Therapy
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  • Logo – National Circus Festival 2016
  • Logo – Satyananda Yoga & Meditation
  • Body Therapy
    Logo/ graphic identity for Body Therapy
  • Kernite Infographic
    Poster for Norwegian kernite.no illustrating the environmental impact of oil products and measures to reduce it.

Dr Marie Therese Shortt is a graphic designer and lecturer living in Cork, Ireland. She specialises in graphic design and multimedia, and has a PhD from the University for the Creative Arts, UK, in the area of visualisation of intercultural communication. She has presented at international conferences including UNESCO Digital Heritage International Congress in Marseille, France, academic events in the UK, and most recently at TEDx Hamburg. She currently lectures in Digital Media, Digital Marketing, and Professional Development at Griffith College in Cork, Ireland.